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Sunwebit will develop a unique strategy that leads to an influx of website traffic. It is like a significant driver that plays a vital role in the overall growth of your business. Ultimately that will boost the website traffic and revenue, there are multiple ways to get the traffic to the website.

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Traffic has become a vital part of all the websites and there are many SEO services that need to be done to drive more traffic to your website. Many companies strive for optimal website visibility on multiple search engine platforms.

The companies receive organic traffic from the website visitors who give feedback about the business, share the website content, and others. If you are really interested to receive the organic traffic, then it is important to research well and implement effective SEO strategies.

Sunwebit offers many services some of them are listed below.

Consultancy on SEO

Our expert team will help you to understand the importance of SEO and the powerful strategies that are used while execution.

Market and keyword research

When we talk about keywords, it starts from short tail to long tail. Keyword and market research is an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

Technical Seo Audit

This is the advanced version of SEO audit that will be helpful to understand the website’s structure and internal architecture, which aids in crawling and indexing of the website.

Auditing The Website Content

As many of them know that content is regarded as the king in digital marketing. If you have a desire to gain benefit from the website content then the content audit is mandatory.

Analyzing Backlinks

The search engine algorithms are becoming more intelligent and backlinks are important in the SEO activity. Low-quality backlinks will affect the website ranking and it is essential to remove those links.

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seo service in Bangalore

Our SEO Process

Analyzing the client’s business is a significant part of any SEO process. Spending enough time on studying the nature of the client business, the next work is to study the competitors. Here in Sunwebit, our team will always find effective ways to provide superior quality work in the search engine optimization industry.

Our SEO process involves various processes and some of them are listed below.

  • Checking the search engine ranking of the website for various keywords.
  • Finding the number of backlinks for the website.
  • We analyze the competitors with a particular set of keywords.
  • After studying the competitor’s website, our team starts to optimize the content and architecture of the website.
  • Submitting the website on different directory submission sites, paid and free.
  • If the website is new then it is necessary to submit the website on different search engine submissions sites.
  • Improving the internal linking of the website.
  • The process of the SEO work will be reported to the webmaster.

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What is seo

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the activity that will boost the quality and quantity of traffic to the website through organic means. Definitely, you will be having the curiosity to know the work process of the SEO and it is explained in the below paragraph.

You can consider search engine/s(Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, and others) as the website wherein most of the visitor’s type/speak into the box and it will reply with the long list of the results.

But have you ever thought how these links will appears on the search engine result page? Google or other search engines crawl the internet and gathers the information in the form of 1s and 0s. This information will be important to build the index on search engines. The index is processed into algorithms and based upon the queries the result will be displayed.

In the work process of SEO, various factors are involved like title, description, keywords, image, alt tag, URL, and many others.

About SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the popular online marketing strategies as well as the most effective way of marketing your business. It will allow you to boost the SERP ranking by working on the on-page and off-page activities of the website.

SEO has become an important part of all businesses to reach their targetted audience. The optimal rank on the website leads to more traffic, more leads, more conversion, and finally boosts the revenue.

Now, I would like to brief up the activities in SEO.

On-Page Services List
  • Title optimization.
  • Headings
  • URL optimization.
  • Image and alt tag optimization.
  • Content of the website.
  • User-friendly websites.
  • Website speed.
  • Internal link of the website.
  • Meta description.
  • Keywords
  • Plagiarism checker.
  • breadcrumbs
  • Optimize the website for the voice search.
Off-Page Services List
  • Social media optimization.
  • Google my business profile.
  • Bookmarking
  • Working on the forum submission sites.
  • Promoting the website on different search engine submission sites.
  • Blog commenting.
  • Infographics
  • High-quality backlinks.

Understanding Your Business

Sunwebit focuses more on understanding your business and meanwhile it is a vital step for the upcoming strategies. Digital marketing strategies vary from business to business and niche, it will be the debacle if the same strategies are applied to all kind of businesses.

Now, I would like to take the example of the restaurant business and explain to you the strategies in brief. You can do digital marketing for the restaurant business using various mediums like search engine marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, and others.

In restaurant marketing your main targets are the food lovers. It is even important that you need to target your audience based upon their favourite food or dish. You cannot attract the non-vegetarian audience with a purely vegetarian dish.

The steps which need to follow are listed below.

  • Optimize your website perfectly.
  • Optimize your business for the local SEO.
  • Boost your business followers on social media platforms.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Utilize online review properly.
  • Be active on online platforms.

Finding Valuable Keyword Research For Your Business

Keyword research is one of the significant phases in digital marketing and it is an inseparable part of the SEO strategy. The important prerequisite for content writing is to find out the appropriate high volume keywords.

The keywords are important to find the content on the website and it should be relevant. Identifying the right keywords is not an easy process and it needs to be compared with the long list of keywords. Proper keyword research is the base for the SEO strategy and content development.

Only just identifying the high volume keywords is not enough but you need to use those in the website content wherever it is necessary. There are many research tools available on the internet for performing keyword research. The keywords of the business vary from niche to niche.

The important steps to follow while the keyword research is listed below.

  • Study about the business niche.
  • Prepare your goals.
  • Prepare the list of relevant keywords.
  • Use good research tools.
  • List out the long-tail keywords.
  • Analyze the competitors.

Optimizing Website For Target Audience

In this contemporary world, the website has become an integral part of all businesses. Developing quality content is a crucial part of the website but that is not sufficient...! All your efforts will be vain if it is not reached your targetted audience.

It is necessary to optimize the website for good user experience and more traffic. Each and every webmaster desire to appear website on the first page of the SERP, to do so, optimization in that direction is essential.

Website optimization is a continuous process because search engine algorithms are not static. The website content should be relevant to your keywords otherwise your website cannot secure the optimal rank on the SERP.

To target your audience you need to work on multiple factors and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Proper page titles.
  • Keyword analysis.
  • Working continuously on the user experience of the website.
  • Performing business analysis.
  • User-friendly website.
  • Catchy content.

Technical Optimization

Technical optimization is an important part of the SEO and it plays a vital role in digital marketing campaigns. There are many factors that are included in the technical optimization. It is significant to make the website user friendly, effective, optimal ranking on the SERP, and easy to navigate the website.

There are different factors, but some of them are listed below.

  • Improve website loading speed.
  • Increase the server response time.
  • Decrease and optimize the image size without impacting on the visual appearance.
  • Set the browser catchy policy.
  • Decrease the number of redirects.
  • Do not include unwanted stuff on the website.
  • The website should be user-friendly and mobile-friendly.
  • The URLs should be search engine friendly.
  • Redirect/replace your broken links.
  • Audit the website regularly and debug the errors to improve the website ranking.
  • Delete the duplicate content.
  • Take use of structured data to high light the website content.
  • Include breadcrumbs to improve the navigation.

On Page Optimization

Professional bloggers don’t only have good writing skills rather they even take the responsibility of the content performance on different search engines. While writing, bloggers concentrate both on people and search engines.

On-page optimization is an important aspect that helps the bloggers to reach to the people, it directly deals with the optimization of content and HTML source code. This will help the visitors to understand what kind of information the website provides.

The on-page optimization includes

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image
  • Alt tag
  • Content of the website
  • Header tags
  • Video content
  • Readability
  • Internal linking
  • External linking
  • Including the social media channels on the website
  • Website speed
  • Responsive website

The title of the website includes keywords, 50-60 character lengths, brand names, and useful information.

The website URL should include keywords, descriptive/meaningful content, and include 3-5 words.

The description should include 150-160 characters, keywords, and avoid duplicate content. Popular social media channels should be included in the website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Off Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is an important activity that helps to make the website popular on the internet and it boosts visibility on the multiple online platforms. Some of the off-page optimization factors are listed below.

  • Create the shareable content Interestingly the content is regarded as the king in the digital marketing world. Developing interesting and shareable content is vital to generate more backlinks to the website.
  • Social media The major part of off-page optimization includes working on social media channels. If you have a desire to make your enterprise, website, or blog more visible then it is better to concentrate more on the social media channels.
  • Guest author There are numerous good websites that are open for the authors to share their niche content. Create catchy content and post it on those websites that allow guest authors.
  • Social bookmarking sites Social bookmarking sites are optimal channels to elevate your business website, this activity will boost your website traffic.

Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO has become imperative for the small businesses that are active locally/regionally but not at the national or state/provincial level. National level SEO projects/programs concentrate more on ranking searches across the country but local SEO is crucial in only specific locations.

This process includes the marketing strategies of your products or services to the local leads or customers. Optimizing the local SEO strategy results in more website traffic, leads, and conversions because it will be more relevant to the local customers.

It is an effective weapon to fight against national or international brands, local searches also have good search traffic. If your website is not listed on the local SEO then you are losing the vital traffic.

Some of the ways to make the local SEO successful are listed below.

  • Create google my business account.
  • Get business feedback from your delighted customers.
  • Optimize your business for the voice search.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly.
  • Use location and about us.
  • Promote your business on online business directories.

Structured Data Implementation

It is very difficult for search engines to understand website content. At this junction, structured data is important for the search engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu). Structured data will enable the search engines not only to crawl the website but it will also understand the content of the website by making the rich snippet, they are the part of the information that appears on the search engine result page(SERPs).

In 2011, the major search engines came forward and created the, it helped to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on all the online platforms and others. Structured data is important for the following reasons.

  • Manages the information in a clear structure by using schema markup.
  • It helps the search engines to understand and process the information.

Different types of schemas are listed below.

  • Organizational schema markup.
  • Website schema markup.
  • Site navigation schema.
  • Breadcrumb schema markup.
  • Video schema markup.
  • Product & offer schema markup.
  • Schema rating markup.
  • Local business schema.

Amp Implementation

User navigation on the SERPs has become an important factor in the SEO world. Google search engine claims that 50% of the users are using mobile phones to perform the searches. This has alerted the digital marketing professions to concentrate more on the AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) content.

As per the latest trend, the websites should be responsive. Many of the researches are obvious that 40% of the visitors will bounce back if the website will not load within the duration of 3 seconds. AMP will improve the loading speed of the website content.

If your website if not equipped with this AMP then you will be losing most of the conversions. Some of the important benefits of AMP are listed below.

  • Optimal website speed.
  • Reduces the bounce rate.
  • Boosts the conversion rates.
  • Flexible for Ads.
  • Increases visibility on the SERPs.
  • AMP analytics is available.
  • AMP is open-source to use in real-time.
  • Increases the google ads impressions.
  • What is digital marketing?

    Digital marketing is related to promoting the business through various digital platforms like search engines, emails, mobile applications, social media, and others.

  • How is digital marketing important for business?

    Digital marketing has become an important part, for all kinds of businesses like small, medium and large.

  • Why should I choose digital marketing?

    There are various reasons that you need to choose the digital marketing and some of them are listed below.

    • It provides an opportunity for businesses to attract the online community.
    • Digital marketing is optimal for all kinds of businesses.
    • Generally, small businesses or startups have limited human resources and capital. So, for them, digital marketing is a boon which provides a good result with low investments.
    • Marketing your products or services on an online platform, there are more possibilities of conversions like leads, sales or subscribers.
    • You can directly get connected with your targeted customers with the help of digital marketing.
  • What are the best digital marketing strategies?

    The strategies in the field of marketing are changing rapidly and we need to be compatible with the ongoing change. Some marketing experts believe that more changes have occurred in the past two years compared to the previous 50 years.

    Many of the businesses are relying on digital marketing to earn good revenue. All the weapons(strategies) that we used in digital marketing are not effective. Are you aware of which digital marketing strategy you should use to boost your business growth?

    Some of the strategies are email marketing, social media marketing, Google AdWords, SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing, referral marketing and others.

  • What is SEO in digital marketing?

    SEO is an abbreviation that stands for Search Engine Optimization and a process to optimize the website to get organic traffic from search engines. It can be done on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and others.

    It involves various changes to be done on the website design and content that makes your website look more attractive on the search engines. Presently, SEO has become an essential part of the digital marketing strategy.

    Search engine optimization is an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. The main motto of SEO is to drive organic traffic to your business from online platforms.

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